Building Trauma Sensitive Schools and Communities

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Join facilitator Mardi Hardt (Bernard), a school mental health nurse who assists schools to understand the effects of trauma on children’s brains. Learn more about trauma, childhood adversity, resilience and mental health.

Let’s build a stronger community for our children.

Did you know that recent research tells us that trauma, such as unfortunate experiences in childhood, can change the brain?

Did you know that this can make learning at school more difficult?

Did you know that trauma is now known to contribute to some mental health disorders?

Did you know that this can also affect physical and mental health as an adult?

Want to learn more?

Join us on Monday March 11th and again on Monday March 18th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Brookwood School to learn more about what parents and teachers can do to understand the Core Story of Brain Development and protect children’s brains from the negative effects of trauma. Participants are encouraged to attend both sessions.

Monday March 11th: Come and build your knowledge about trauma and how to recognize trauma.  Come learn about positive stress, tolerable stress and toxic stress and the role parents can take to build resilience.  Participants will be invited to leave some questions they would like answered as part of Session 2.

Monday March 18th: Come learn about strategies that parents, schools and                                                                  communities can use to help our children be their most successful.

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