Community Conversations – Wicked Problems

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In February and March, different committed and passionate community members got together to discuss complex challenges happening in this region.

Join community members as we take a deeper look and work a bit more on these topics, utilizing tools from the MacEwan University Social Innovation Certification that some of our community members have been fortunate to learn!

The topics that were brought up last time (and are by no means the only ones that we can address) are:

Crime and Law Enforcement/ Addictions

Children, Youth and Families

Mental Health & Wellness

Social Isolation

Poverty & Homelessness


What are Wicked Problems?

A wicked problem is a social or cultural problem that is difficult or impossible to solve. It tends to be complex and dependent on different factors or systems.

For example: Climate Change, Health, Income Disparity, Addictions and Mental Health, Literacy, Education and Learning, Sustainability, Justice.

A special thanks to the Government of Alberta Community Initiatives Program for their support!

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