Bridge to Care Offers New Service To Tri-Region Families

Bridge to Care has added a new service for families who require special needs care.

EBENEZER HOME :(3 Hours to 24 Hours Respite Care) Managed by Bridge to Care Inc.

Now families can experience that rest through Bridge to Care, where parents receive short-term respite while their children are engaged in fun activities tailored to their interests and abilities. We know each child has unique qualities and challenges, and we are excited to learn every nuance. If you have a child with a profound intellectual disability, there is a place for your family at Bridge to Care.

Bridge to Care is a Not for Profit organization dedicated to providing support for families (without regard to race, religion or ethnicity) raising children who have special needs through short-term overnight care and activities allowing respite for their families. We want to change the face of disability services so that each family of a child with an intellectual disability has respite within reach and access to the community.

Overnight respite allows parents to:
Take time away and focus on their marriages.
Devote more time to typical siblings.
Continue their education to improve their family’s quality of life.
Get ahead on work.
Catch up with old friends.
Best of all, let go and release any guilt or fear, because they know their child is happy and safe.

Ebenezer Home celebrates children with special needs and provides relief to the extraordinary families who love them through short-term, overnight respite care.

We authentically love all children that come to Ebenezer Home and their families. They inspire others. Their stories impact our lives in the most positive ways, and we strive to impact theirs by providing a safe, fun place full of adventure and activities made just for them.

Ebenezer Home is designed around the children, we adjust to them, not them to us. The activities are carefully and strategically planned to meet the child where they are, with the purpose of bringing normalcy to childhood. We provide cozy and comfortable sleeping areas for safe and secure overnight stays, with constant and watchful care.

More Details: https://www.bridgetocare.org/24-hours-respite
Contact: 780 591 1000 Ext 102 or Ext 103

Bridge to Care is located at 2-322 McLeod Ave, Spruce Grove, Alberta.

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