Cleaning or Camping?

By Leah Nissly

Camping or cleaning?  It seems like everyone and their mother goes camping for May long weekend!  My family and I don’t have a tent!  So, if you are like us, how can we enjoy the beautiful weekend?  Look no further then spring cleaning!  Did you know that having a clean, well-organized home can actually help improve your mood and decrease stress levels?  If this is true, bring on the mop bucket!  Studies show that there is a direct link between having a clean home and lower anxiety levels.   Too much clutter can decrease our productivity.  Furthermore, our surroundings have a direct link to our mental health and well-being.  For many of us, it’s the “how-to” more than the “why.”  Here are some tips to get your home clutter free and clean!

Tip #1:  De-clutter!  To get started on this, get three boxes.  One for Goodwill, one for garbage, and one for stuff that needs to be organized.  Then ruthlessly go through each closet, cupboard and room and sort through all your stuff!  You will be amazed at the things you don’t use!

Tip #2: Organize!  Again, think three piles.  One for stuff you use all the time, occasionally, and almost never.  Pack away in storage the things you almost never use.  Think basement.  Next, things that get occasionally used, in a container near the back of your cupboard or closet.  Last, the things you use most, in the front of the closet or cupboard.

Tip #3:  A Place!  Everything in your home needs a home!  Every marker, charger, paper and backpack needs a place to go when you tidy up.  Enlist family members to help and buy containers to contain!

Happy spring cleaning, and cheers to a more relaxing, restful, stress-free place we call home!

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