Cut It Out Campaign

August 5, 2018

By Leah Nissly

They are the ones whom you trust.  You trust them because they hold the scissors, stand very close, and have the ability to make you look great.  Your hairstylist.

It is because of this close relationship that Stony Plain and Spruce Grove FCSS, along with Parkland & Area Response to Family Violence Committee have joined the  “Cut It Out” campaign. This campaign “…provides the education, awareness and skill that permits salon professionals to safely refer clients to community resources.”

They held their first campaign last Monday at Vanity Collective in Spruce Grove.  16 stylists were in attendance for this training! This is an hour to an hour and a half of free training where the stylists and estheticians are trained to recognize and support those that may be affected by domestic abuse. They are trained to recognize, respond and then refer.  They are encouraged to keep their ears open when they hear things that don’t sound, look or feel right with their client. They are then encouraged to ask questions while being sensitive, respective and without making assumptions. Finally, they are to offer support. This is done by discreetly handing out resource cards, or gently referring to resource cards that are kept in the washrooms of the salons.

The first campaign was well-received, and this collaborative effort from these three groups hopes to hit all 50 salons in the Tri-Area giving education, support and resources for those who suffer from family violence. This is an incredible gift to those in our community that need hope, help and support!

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