Healthy Eating in Busy Times

May 24, 2018

By Leah Nissly

The sun kisses our cheeks, the leaves wave a hello, and the flowers are bringing color and life back to our city! The spring weather tugs us outside to bask in its glory! With so much time spent outside in the spring and summer, it leaves little time to cook, bake, and spend time in the kitchen. It’s difficult to eat healthy last minute, and hot dogs on the BBQ probably shouldn’t be a daily occurrence if healthy eating is on the menu! Here are some tips for eating healthy this summer when you are out and about and don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen!

Tip #1: Consider menu planning! Plan out 6 dinners for the week. Make sure you have the groceries for each of the meals. Roughly plan on which day you will plan on eating that meal. Then be flexible! If you plan on being gone for the day at the beach, throw in some pork in the crock pot for pulled-pork for when you get home. If it turns out to be rainy, pull out your soup idea instead!

Tip #2: Use the grill! There are so many wonderful recipes out there that utilize the BBQ! Research some different ideas and try new things! Having meat on the BBQ every day can get quite costly. From pizza to veggies, the recipes are out there!

Tip 3#: Prepare ahead of time. Consider preparing some meals on cold or rainy days. Prepare meat for the BBQ, and stick it in the freezer. Make a batch of soup and freeze it for later. Cut up fruit and veggies to pull out quickly for snacks and salads.

Food and fun. Sounds like a great recipe for a great summer!

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