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The Kitchen Table is Always a Great Place To Start

As a Certified Career Development Professional, I receive many inquiries for my Career Counselling Services from anxious parents concerned about their teen’s lack of post-secondary plans.  I can feel the stress and anxiety in their voices as they share stories regarding their daughter or son’s lack of direction in terms of their career.

My ability to present probing questions about the situation which prompted them to call me results in a meeting at the family’s home to kickstart the process of working alongside their daughter or son on career planning. 

But if there’s one piece of very simple advice that I tend to offer all parents who reach out for my expert advice, it is this: the kitchen table is always a great place to start to have conversations about post-secondary education and career planning.  And not just any conversations but meaningful conversations sprinkled with plenty of love, trust and heartfelt support. 

As business owners, our schedules are busy ones.  So, I challenge you to create meaningful time and meaningful conversations around the kitchen table.  And if there’s one last piece of advice I can offer:

although schools do offer guidance to today’s youth regarding career options, I fully believe that career planning starts at home, with discussions that are open-ended and provide time for ideas to percolate.

Remember, career planning is a process that builds momentum over time and the kitchen table is always a great place to start.