Summer Bucket List

May 31, 2018

By Leah Nissly

If your family is anything like mine, the warmer weather has been beckoning us outside!  We love the family walks, the family bike rides and the trips to the park.  This is all well and good, and greatly enjoyed, but we are always on the hunt for new things, especially things that both our teenager and our 5 year old both enjoy!  Here are a few activities that we will be enjoying this summer, and we are even planning on inviting our neighbors on these adventures! Life is better with friends!  We have come up with 20 ideas on our bucket list for weekends and evenings this summer!

1 –  Have a water balloon fight in the green space near-by

2 – Visit a farmer’s market

3 – Go fishing

4 – Visit Elk Island National Park

5 – Go Geocaching

6 – Make Homemade lemonade and pass it out for free

7 – Make homemade ice cream and invite our neighbors to eat it

8 – Repurpose/redo something found at a garage sale

9 – Volunteer in our city

10 – Take the kids to the country and stargaze

11 – Have a block party

12 – Go on a day hike and end with a marshmallow roast

13 –  Have a family sleepover in the basement

14 – Help our neighbor with a yard project

15 – Pick raspberries and make jam

16 – Wake up for an early morning walk and have breakfast outside

17 – Find a new lake/park or hiking trail in our area

18 – Make cookies on a rainy day, and pass them out to those who could use a smile

19 – Pick up garbage on our block and leave a treat for our garbage man

20 – Do a pajama run, put the kids to bed, then get them up and take them for ice cream

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