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Town of Stony Plain Begins Downtown Redevelopment

The Town of Stony Plain begins Phase 1 of its Downtown Redevelopment project this summer. The four-year project will enhance the downtown core as a destination for residents, businesses, and visitors by:

  • Replacing aging infrastructure
  • Enhancing the pedestrian environment
  • Establishing bicycle route linkages
  • Improving paving and sidewalks
  • Developing traffic-calming features
  • Enhancing spaces for cultural events
  • Integrating new public art

Paul Hanlan, General Manager of Planning and Infrastructure, says, “These necessary improvements to 50th Street’s water and sewer infrastructure are part of our ten-year Capital Improvement Plan.” Hanlan continues, “From a technical standpoint, these improvements fufill our commitment to supportive infrastructure. Additionally, this exciting project will nurture and preserve downtown Stony Plain, which is an essential part of our community.”

Phase 1, to be complete by the end of the 2017 construction season, will reconstruct laneways behind businesses on 50th Street and create cycling routes through downtown. New one-way laneways will allow for the creation of multi-purpose paths with paved line markings and lighting and improved waste management solutions.

Miles Dibble, Sustainability Planner, says, “The Town’s extensive trail network helps residents stay active and reduce their ecological footprint.” Dibble continues, “By adding a multi-purpose route through downtown, we hope to further encourage residents to take steps toward reducing their environmental impact by cycling and walking.”

The Downtown Redevelopment project, which is expected to be complete in 2020, will provide long-term growth and prosperity to downtown Stony Plain.

The Town of Stony Plain will work diligently over the next few years to ensure businesses and residents in the area are receiving construction updates. Thus far, an Open House has been held for property and business owners, and Town employees have visited businesses in-person to pass along important information. If you are a business or resident in downtown Stony Plain, and would like to learn more about the project, please visit www.stonyplain.com/DowntownRedevelopment or email DowntownRedevelopment@stonyplain.com.