Cold Spring Doesn’t Stop Meridian Heights Naturalists

April 22, 2018

By Mckenzie Swanson

On one cold Friday morning, a group of brave children marched their way out into the blizzarding spring weather of Parkland County, Alberta. I know, I probably over exaggerated that blizzard part a little bit, but come on, it’s the middle of April and we still have snow on the ground. However, it’s starting to look more like spring each and every day with the sun out and the birds chirping.

Anyway, through a fun day of playing and adventuring at Dog Rump Creek, Meridian Heights Grade 2 class collected twelve different kinds of ice to admire and inspect, all the while learning how to crawl and slide on it too. Plus, they found a super cool tree that helped them to build confidence and core while climbing up it.

I think the most important lesson to take from this story is that learning and being active doesn’t have to be boring. You don’t always need to be cooped up in a gym for five hours a day or left to sit in a classroom for hours on end to feel like you’ve achieved something. You can make it fun by going outside or exploring just like the grade 2’s from Meridian Heights School did.

Speaking of going outside to be active, on May 26 to June 3, an event called Get Outside and Play Week is being hosted to support families and communities all across Alberta to get outside and play. So, if you want to get involved and be apart of this great opportunity, be sure to visit the site abcee.org to get more details.

As Canadian historian and professor at University of Oxford, Margaret Mcmillan, once said: “The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky.”

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