Looking for employment in the Tri-Region? Head to Bredin.

March 27, 2018

By Mamta Lulla

Bredin Centre for Learning in Spruce Grove helps both employees with training and job search and employers with finding the right candidate.
The centre provides help with local job postings, access to resume and cover letter templates, use of the internet, and youth specific job and intern postings.
Those looking for training will also find help at Bredin with educational information – like programs, apprenticeship/trades, upgrading, certification etc.
Participants are referred to Bredin from other agency programs such as FCSS, Employment Insurance or Income Supports, a referral from family or friends, past centre users, etc.

The Supported Work Search Program offered at Bredin for 12 weeks provides:
• Assistance with resume and cover letter creation, writing and editing
• Mock Interviews and interview skills support
• One-on-One Support with finding, attaining and maintaining successful employment
• Workshops that will enhance essential employment skills, basic computer skills (Word, Excel), on-line application strategies, identifying transferable skills and strengths, assisting with navigation of social media (ie. Facebook, LinkedIn) as other tools for job seekers
• One-to-one case management support

Bredin serves an average of 750 visitors each month at its resource centre and helps with 130 full-time placements and 20 part-time placements per year out of its Spruce Grove location. Maria Cruz, employment developer at Bredin, said people are looking for employment assistance in trades and apprentice, construction, transportation, and work in oil and gas related areas in the Tri-Region.
Participants are referred to Bredin through other agency programs such as FCSS, Employment Insurance or Income Supports, a referral from family or friends and past centre users.

On average Bredin serves:
Adults 25-54 years: 242 per year (62%)
Youth 18-24 years: 65 per year (16%)
Mature 55-70 years: 90 per year (22%)

Employers will also benefit from Bredin with resources and services like:
· No-Cost Job Placement services
· Working with our Employment Developer to assist with job postings, hiring needs, etc
· Access to a pool of eligible candidates
· Free job postings
· Mini-Job Fair support
· Job Interview location
· A six-month follow-up support with successful candidates

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