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Another Place You Might Wanna Go…

Hey! Did you know that ice cream is the perfect post-triathlon training recovery food? This BRAND NEW, cozy little spot is tucked in next to the bike and run leg of the Great White North triathlon in Stony Plain, AB. And if you’re just not in the mood to train for a triathlon, it’s the perfect spot to visit with the fam.

What’s more nostalgic than going for a walk in the evening after a hot summer day? Well, when there’s Foothills Creamery ice cream halfway, it’s pretty much the best! Try it and see what childhood memories come flooding back. From one local triathlete family to the next, from one ice cream loving family to the next, the THE WHOLE SCOOP family ice cream shop is a young mom and pop shop that will soon be the coolest spot in town!