michelle.jpg.opt303x308o0,0s303x308Moving, downsizing, or transitioning from a farm to living in town is not easy.

Families struggle with packing trying to figure out what stays and what goes. That’s when an expert eye may help.

Michelle Wright, Wide Open Spaces owner, helps Albertans with farm clearing and heirloom rescuing. She might just be the rural version of professionals, who help clear out properties, in big cities.

It isn’t easy to get rid of your grandfather’s tractor. Maybe you kept it for parts or maybe it has more of a sentimental value. Wright helps her clients figure out exactly that.

She offers a free consultation to learn more about the type of services that her clients require.

“I had clients the other day — one partner wanted everything gone, and other partner thought there was value in some of the stuff so we had a good chat about what was valuable and what could be done in an auction environment,” she explained.

Wright, who is also a life coach, walks people through the emotional journey of letting go of stuff.

“Especially if they are transitioning say moving from a farm to a town — those changes are really hard for people so being respectful because this is the next step of their life,” explained Wright.

She also helps when family members can’t decide what stays and what gets tossed out.

“Usually there’s a family involved when there’s a farm that needs to be cleared out and there’s a lot of emotional issues around kids wanting to get rid of everything but maybe the dad doesn’t or vice versa,” she said, adding, that she objectively helps families walk through the process slowly.

She also conducts heirloom rescues, for example, maybe there’s an old rocking chair that belonged to your mom and now you would like to keep it, but at the same time, want to get some use out of it.

In other cases, when a tractor may not be serving its purpose anymore, Wright can provide options like photo books instead of having to keep the tractor itself.

Her clients are usually grateful for the services she provides because cleaning out your farm or downsizing is one of those things that people don’t always get around to doing it.

“I usually get ‘I didn’t know somebody could help me do this and I would’ve done it a lot sooner if I had known that I could get help’ because maybe they have been trying to get their kids to help,” she said.

For more information visit wideopenspaces.ca or e-mail farmcleanerupper@gmail.com or call 780-656-5398.
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