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Painting the City With Pride

Coming out of the closet isn’t easy. But it was the right choice for Spruce Grove resident, Tessa Root.

The transgender woman came out to everyone about three months ago and life has never been better for her.

Root has been instrumental in the City of Spruce Grove and wants a safe and secure community for the LGBTQ members. To raise awareness, Root and her partner Stephanie Chard are hosting the Spruce Grove Pride on June 24 at Central Park in the city to unite the LGBTQ community. Together, the members will walk along McLeod Ave. and paint the city with sidewalk chalk and tie ribbons.

Raising awareness is important to give the LGBTQ community a sense of belonging in the Tri-Region.

“It would be great if no one gives you a second glance on the streets or second thoughts,” she said.

Root is grateful for all the support her friends and family have shown since coming out and wants the same for those who are hiding behind closed doors.

Although, no comments have ever been made directly to her, except for a recent time at a local store’s checkout lane, she knows it was a one-off incident.

She is an inspiration to those who are struggling and wants people to know there is support for them before they decide to take the leap of faith.

Her advise is to listen to all those positive messages that fill your inbox and the people who will stand by you because they love and support you and your choices.

“It’s no life to live lying to yourself and lying about who you really are and the best way to go is be truthful to yourself and others and be open and honest to yourself and live the life you want to live,” she said.