The Desktop Sale That Changes Lives

By Mckenzie Swanson

One of the most rewarding things about my job as a blog writer is hearing of the stories where people come together for a cause bigger than themselves. Recently, I got the opportunity to discuss an amazing story with High Park’s Head Principal, Bryn Spence. With 20 classes participating, the school held a desktop sale that raised $3691.85 to donate to the Stony Plain Youth Centre.

“It’s so cool to see everybody involved and engaged,” says Principal Bryn Spence. “It’s something that the kids really look forward too. It’s the buzz of the school.”

The first High Park desktop sale started 6 years ago by a teacher, Marian Rogers, who came up with the idea. Originally, the school supported the HUSA organization – a human sympathy association in Kimamba, Tanzania that was all about building an independence for villages in Africa – until this year their support was no longer needed. With HUSA reaching their goals of independence, the students and teachers of High Park still wanted to continue their journey of donating to a great cause. So, they chose the Stony Plain Youth Centre. With the money going towards programs, such as art and sports, to kids who cannot afford it, High Park decided this would be a great place to focus their donations.

“I think it’s really about not short changing the contribution you can make. If you look at the desktop garage sale, it’s something that Marian had the idea of and then she took it forward and it’s turned into this big thing.”

With kids bringing in a variety of different items from home, including stuffed animals, candy or toys, the desktop sale turned out as a huge success. Some even set up nail salon booths and sold grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum! It is definitely something the school looks forward to doing again in the future, and who knows, maybe I’ll even stop in for a quick visit to one of those grilled cheese stands.

I’m happy to see the younger generations contributing so much to our community and showing their support for people in need. Principal Bryn couldn’t of said it any better: “Sometimes it’s about just one person doing something and other people joining in. Its that idea of not just saying ‘but I’m just one voice’, talking and sharing ideas are really important.”

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