Faith and Fords with Allan Schmuland

Allan is a gentle man who gave his heart to God and his career to Ford Motors. Although he was born in Wetaskiwin, AB he moved to Stony Plain in 1957 with his young bride.

Right down on Main Street, Stony Plain there was a Ford dealership (of course!) with gas pumps out front, lots of parts and lots of work orders. Allan enjoyed working in the heart of town. He was content with his job and with the life he could create for his family in the area. “Ford didn’t make you rich, but there was always work!” They treated him well and so he stayed working in that dealership for close to 50 years.

Allan and his wife found that the Stony Plain area was a great place to raise a family.

“There was a time when you knew just about everybody. It had that small town feeling…..very home like.”

Allan’s family got to meet and work with several families in the area through their affiliation with the Stony Plain Alliance Church. Although he had not grown up in the church, Allan and his young bride found their spiritual home.

“It was here before I was! Oh, they were all so friendly. Lots of good music! I love those old hymns.” Allan named “Amazing Grace”, “Blessed Assurance” and “I Love to Tell the Story” as a few of his favourites. He understands that contemporary songs had to replace the old hymns or the church would lose its appeal to young people but he sure misses a good hymn sing.

Allan served his church as an usher, a recording secretary and a Sunday School teacher to 8 to 10 year olds.

“I just love the church and I thank God for it. It has meant so much to me!”

I asked Allan to remember the many good sermons he would have heard over the years.

“Oh yes! I recall one that warned us not to warm ourselves at the world’s fires, like Peter warmed himself. I’ll not forget that one.” He found that the preached Word taught people HOW to live right and encouraged a person on their walk in faith.

Allan moved into Whispering Waters with his wife 5 years ago because of her failing heart. They were only settled for 4 months when one day Allan passed out the hymnals for a good hymn sing right at the manor. Allan remembers the look on her face. “Oh she had never sung so well or looked so beautiful!” After the hymn sing was finished Allan collected the hymnals and returned them to storage. When he returned to his seat he noticed that his dear wife had passed. He pointed me to the very spot. His eyes watered with missing her, but his heart remained full of that ‘Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! Oh what a fore-taste of glory divine! Heir of salvation, purchase of God, Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood. This is my story, this is my song, Praising my Savior all the day long!”

Allan believes that the Tri Region area needs more places like Whispering Waters. He loves it there and thanks God for it every day. “They look after ya! So friendly and helpful. Lots of entertainment and programs. Good food!” He likes to support whatever they do.

Allan said, “Look there was a time when I could name all the parts on a 1950 Ford car, but if I lift the hood on a new one today….I have no clue what it is!” Times change, but God’s faithfulness is ever present.

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