Celebrating a Special Dad on Father’s Day

June 12, 2018

By Leah Nissly

This Father’s Day, I would like to introduce you to Jason, or Jay.

He is not only a father, but also a friend, son, and husband to Lisa. He is a lifelong resident of the Edmonton area, and moved to Spruce Grove only 6 years ago.  Jason has been a father for 21 years, his son Jordan making him a dad in June of ’97.  With a heart for those who need care, Jay and his wife Lisa have also fostered around 15 children over the last 19 years!

I was thrilled to ask him some questions about fatherhood!

What does he most enjoy about being a dad?  He loves seeing kids take what has been taught them and walking independently, walking with God and respecting others.

His advice for younger dads?  You can’t control all the situations your kids will give you.  Keep a clear head and patient spirit.  Anger does not profit.

When I asked him about advice his dad gave him that stuck with him, it was that friends come and go, but family will always be there.

In his leisure time, Jason enjoys games with friends and family, as well as making trips to Disney to relive his younger years and de-stress.  Jason has been there 24 times!  Also in life-changing circumstances, Jason had the amazing chance to have a both a kidney and pancreas transplant in March after being a diabetic for 24 years which resulted in kidney failure for the last 9 years.

Jason is a man of great strength, character and compassion.

Happy Father’s Day to one of our own!

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