Meet Zia – An incredibly inspiring Mom

May 3, 2018

By Leah Nissly
I first met her as Zia.  Over text.  Inviting her to a mutual friend’s baby shower.  Two things struck me.  She had never been to a baby shower, and she was so excited to watch someone else open gifts.  I couldn’t wait to meet her.  She breezed into my home with a ready smile and a warm laugh.
Zia grew up in XinJiang, a province of China.  Mandarin is her second language, I can’t pronounce her first, Uyghur.  This beautiful mom of two arrived in Canada only 5 years ago.  Her parents had been in Canada for some time, but the Chinese government refused her a passport.  Escaping by traveling through 4 different countries through fields and rivers, she made it to Malaysia where the Canadian government brought her over as a refugee.
She immediately began to take English lessons.  Her third language.  Zia discovered Kijiji, and became email buddies with a sweet guy, only wanting English conversation.  It wasn’t too long before, in her own words, she accidently invited him to meet.  Dang English!
The two grew close quickly, and after several months of dating, Zia became a mom for the first time to a little boy with a big smile.  Wanting to purchase a home together, Zia and her favorite English speaker bought their first home in Spruce Grove 2 years ago where they welcomed their second little bundle, a sweet baby girl.  Zia is a loving, attentive mother, who loves to cook in her spare time, and would love to have her own cooking YouTube channel some day!  Zia is also taking driving lessons to gain some independence!
Zia is an inspiration, reminding us to find joy in the joy of others, leading us to family and community that lifts one another up!
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