Who Doesn’t Love Free Things?

June 6, 2018

By Leah Nissly

Who doesn’t love free things? My kids adore the free box at garage sales…sigh…yep, there are people who take from those boxes!  My five-year-old has come home with amazing Tupperware lids!  And yes, that is why de-cluttering is a must in our home!  That being said, this weekend is Free-Cycle in Spruce Grove!  This Saturday and Sunday, place anything that you think someone else could use, and place it in your front yard, by the curb, for someone else to love!  All items must be near the curb or sidewalk.  Don’t place items in the back alley, road or sidewalks!  It is also a good idea to put away or hide items you own from the front of your home to avoid any confusion.  If you are a treasure seeker, things in driveways, alleys or lawns are not up for grabs!  Only those things in the very front by the curb.  If unsure, talk to the homeowner first.  All unwanted items must be picked up by the end of the day on June 10.  If you are a treasure hunter, it’s also a good reminder to be kind to those other treasure seekers.  Kindness is always free, and living in a community that respects one another is of infinite value!

On our bucket list this summer is to re-purpose something together as a family.  We will be out treasure hunting, hoping to find a piece of furniture we can paint, refinish, and breathe new life into!  And yes, Pinterest is my friend.

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