Rousing Ride with Rotary Interact

April 4, 2018

When you hear the word rotary, what do you automatically think of? To the students of Memorial Composite High School, rotary is a place where young members have a place to connect and contribute to those who are in need of help. Consisting of all grades from ages 15 to 17, the club has helped many youths to come out of their shells and become strong leaders of our community.

Helping to bring awareness to those around them, the team of Memorial’s Rotary Interact Club live by the motto to put “service above self.” They demonstrated this belief with their incredible turn out at the Bike-A-Thon they organized on March 14. Raising money for shelterbox Canada – an international charity that provides shelter, warmth and basic supplies to support areas affected by natural disasters – the youth group raised almost $8700 providing seven shelter boxes to places in need of aid. Although, for some, it wasn’t only the money raised that made the biggest impact.

“When you look in the room and you see all of these kids interacting, that’s the best part,” says Christina Thomas, an educator and rotary leader at Memorial Composite High School. With many volunteers making posters for the event and creating a variety of different games to play to the kids participating by riding the bikes for thirty minutes each, the event was a huge success.

However, the club shares many other passions and ways for helping people in need. Volunteering within the school and outside the school community with activities such as working with special needs kids to being apart of 4-H club, many of the young members in rotary demonstrate astounding skills of leadership. Two volunteers in particular, Jenelle and Savannah, caught our attention with their amazing desire to help others in need.

“Even if you think that you don’t have time to participate in volunteering, you do. You can make time,” says 17 year old, Jenelle. “It’s not a big chore, it’s fun and its rewarding to help people.”

While Savannah made another great point about contributing to the community.

“It doesn’t always have to be a big contribution when volunteering, it could be something small. Every little part helps.” With rotary being a great club for youth to come together and make a difference, their main adult organizer and team member, Christina Thomas, has a lot of kind words to say about her students.
“The kids I interact with are pretty amazing. I think that they just need to keep going and see that, where things get busy for everybody, good will come out of it if you just keep going, if you just don’t give up.”

As an educator, her belief to be kind and to have a purpose drives her to stay active and involved within the school and our community. As she tells all of her students, “If you are passionate about something, follow through with it. Even if there are challenges and bumps in the road, I think you need to persevere. Cause you never know how it will turn out until you’re actually there.”

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